Reliable Will, Estate and Probate Lawyers in Singapore: Finding Trustworthy Legal Assistance

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All articles are for education purposes only, and not to be taken as advice to buy/sell. Please do your own due diligence before committing to any trade or investments.


All articles are for education purposes only, and not to be taken as advice to buy/sell. Please do your own due diligence before committing to any trade or investments.

Legal professionals in a consultation setting, with one pointing to a laptop screen, emphasizing the meticulous analysis and expertise of the leading will and probate lawyers in Singapore.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Best Estate Planning with Top Singapore Law Firms

Navigating the intricacies of wills, estates, and the Intestate Succession Act in Singapore can be daunting for many. Securing the best probate legal assistance is crucial but can pose its own challenges. 

This beginner’s guide to choosing top-rated probate lawyers will provide insights and factors that attest to their trustworthiness. 

Embark on your estate planning journey with confidence!

Key Takeaways

  • Hiring a probate lawyer in Singapore is essential for managing legal procedures, seeking professional advice, and ensuring the impartial distribution of assets.
  • When choosing a probate lawyer, consider their years of experience, track record, cost transparency, and specialized knowledge in wills, estates, and probate law.
  • Top-rated probate lawyers in Singapore include the law firms of Bhavini Shah, Lim Chong Boon, Mohamed Baiross, Lee Kim Kee, Peggy Sarah Yee May Kuen,
  • Hiring a probate lawyer can speed up and streamline the process, making it more efficient.

A probate lawyer attentively reviews legal documents in a professional setting, with a bronze statue of Lady Justice prominently displayed on the desk, symbolizing the meticulous and just nature of their work.

Why Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Securing legal services from the best estate planning lawyers in Singapore is vital for effectively handling legal procedures and paperwork, obtaining expert advice, and guaranteeing fair distribution of assets.

Managing legal procedures and paperwork

When it comes to probate, planning, and wealth distribution, seeking the expertise of a probate lawyer is invaluable. These professionals understand the intricacies of obtaining a Letter of Administration from the court, requiring a meticulous compilation of documents and adherence to specific procedures. 

By choosing the right firm to help, you can ensure timely and efficient acquisition of the necessary grants from the wills registry. With their extensive experience, probate lawyers offer invaluable advice, streamlining the process and ensuring it runs seamlessly.

Seeking professional advice and guidance

You need a probate lawyer for the best advice and guidance. They can help with big legal problems. A good lawyer knows the laws well. This makes them good at solving problems that come up in the probate process.

Probate lawyers give you peace of mind. They make sure all steps are followed right during the estate work. You know your case is in safe hands, and they will guide you through each step.

Ensuring the impartial distribution of assets

A probate lawyer can help you split your assets in a fair way. If there is a fight over who gets what, the lawyer will work to fix it. These lawyers know how to handle all problems that happen during this time.

They use their skills and laws to make sure everybody gets their fair share. This gives peace of mind, knowing that your wealth will go where you want it when you are gone.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Estate Planning Services

When evaluating the best family lawyers in Singapore, consider factors such as the lawyer’s years of experience, track record, and client reviews. Additionally, it’s essential to assess their transparency in cost structures and specialized knowledge in wills, estates, and succession law.

Years of experience

Experience matters when it comes to choosing a probate lawyer in Singapore. It’s important to find someone who has dealt with estate planning and probate matters before. However, the number of years alone doesn’t guarantee proficiency.

A specialist probate lawyer with the necessary expertise and knowledge is what you need. Sometimes, a lawyer with fewer years of experience may have significant experience in handling probate cases, while a lawyer with more years of experience may have never dealt with it before.

So, make sure to choose a knowledgeable and experienced probate lawyer who can expedite the process and provide guidance in resolving any problems or disputes that may arise.

Track record and client reviews

Many families in Singapore look for probate lawyers with a good track record and positive client reviews. They want to hire someone who has experience handling similar cases and can provide reliable and effective legal assistance.

It is important to choose a probate lawyer who has successfully managed grant of probate and letter of administration cases in the past. By checking client reviews, families can get an idea of the lawyer’s reputation and how satisfied previous clients have been with their services.

This can help them make an informed decision when selecting a trustworthy probate lawyer in Singapore.

Cost and transparency of fees

Probate fees in Singapore can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case. For a simple, non-contentious probate matter, the fees can range from about S$2,000 to S$6,500. However, there are law firms like IRB Law LLP and PKWA Law that offer fixed and transparent probate fees starting from $990.

These firms prioritize cost transparency and provide free consultations to understand your situation. It’s important to choose a lawyer who is upfront about their fees and will explain any additional costs that may arise during the process.

Generally, obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration takes around one month.

Specialized knowledge in wills, estates, and probate law

Probate lawyers have specialized knowledge in wills, estates, and probate law. They understand the complexities and legal requirements of managing assets and distributing them according to a person’s will.

They can guide individuals through the probate process with their expertise and ensure compliance with the law. Whether it’s drafting a valid will or handling estate administration, these lawyers have the necessary knowledge to provide accurate advice and assistance.

Their understanding of wills, estates, and probate law allows them to navigate any challenges or issues that may arise during the process.

Three focused lawyers in formal attire discussing documents in a modern Singaporean office, exemplifying the dedication and professionalism of top-tier probate lawyers in Singapore

Top 7 Highly-Rated Probate Lawyers in Singapore

Here are the top 7 highly-rated probate lawyers in Singapore: Bhavini Shah, Lim Chong Boon, Mohamed Baiross, Lee Kim Kee, Peggy Sarah Yee May Kuen, Cherie Tan, and Lim Fung Peen.

Bhavini Shah

Bhavini Shah is a highly-rated probate lawyer in Singapore with over two decades of experience. She specializes in Family Law, specifically in areas such as Probate and Estate Administration, Deputyship under the Mental Capacity Act, Adoption, and Guardianship.

As an advocate and solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of Singapore, Bhavini Shah is well-equipped to provide trustworthy legal assistance to traders and investors who may require her expertise in navigating the complex world of probate law.

Her extensive knowledge and experience make her a reliable choice for those seeking professional help in managing their wills, estates, and probate matters.

Lim Chong Boon

Lim Chong Boon is an experienced lawyer with over 30 years of legal work. He specializes in family law and general litigation and has a strong background in handling wills, estates, and probate matters.

Lim Chong Boon is widely recognized as a leading family and divorce lawyer by Doyles Guide. With his dedication to helping clients with their legal needs regarding wills, estates, and probate, he provides reliable assistance for traders and investors seeking trustworthy legal representation.

Mohamed Baiross

Mohamed Baiross is a highly respected lawyer in Singapore and one of the founders and managing partners of IRB Law LLP. With over 13 years of experience, Mohamed has earned a strong reputation for his expertise in criminal and civil law.

He is particularly known for his practical approach when it comes to legal matters and has a special interest in Syariah divorce cases. Mohamed has assembled a team of Muslim lawyers who work alongside him to handle these specific cases.

His strategic thinking and practical solutions make him an excellent choice for anyone seeking reliable legal assistance in Singapore.

Lee Kim Kee

One of the most highly-rated probate lawyers in Singapore is Lee Kim Kee. At K K Lee Law Corporation, she serves as a director with extensive experience in estate and probate matters. Ms. Lee is known for providing trustworthy and reliable legal assistance to her clients, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Traders and investors can rely on her expertise when it comes to managing their assets and ensuring fair distribution according to their wishes.

Peggy Sarah Yee May Kuen

Peggy Sarah Yee May Kuen is a lawyer and mediator based in Singapore. She is the director at PY Legal LLC, specializing in family, matrimonial, and estate matters. Peggy’s expertise lies in wills, probate, and administration of estates.

Traders and investors can rely on her compassionate and proactive approach when it comes to legal assistance with their estate planning needs. With her knowledge and experience, Peggy ensures that clients receive the guidance they need for a smooth process of managing assets and distributing them impartially.

Cherie Tan

Cherie Tan is a partner at IRB Law LLP, specializing in family law matters such as wills and probate. She is recognized for her dedication and commitment to her clients, providing expert guidance in navigating the complexities of will and probate cases.

As one of the top 7 highly-rated probate lawyers in Singapore, Cherie Tan’s expertise and knowledge in family law, specifically wills and probate, make her a trusted choice when seeking reliable legal assistance.

Lim Fung Peen

Lim Fung Peen is a highly experienced and reputable lawyer in Singapore with over 20 years of legal expertise. He specializes in contentious divorce and complex family matters, making him an excellent choice for those seeking assistance in these areas.

Lim Fung Peen’s extensive knowledge and experience ensure that he provides top-notch legal advice and guidance to his clients. He is also the Head of Yuen Law’s Family Group, further demonstrating his expertise in this field.

Additionally, Lim Fung Peen has published a book titled “Where There’s A Will,” showcasing his dedication to educating others about wills and estate planning. His professional profile on LinkedIn offers further insight into his accomplishments and credentials.

Legal professional in Singapore weighing two miniature houses on a balance scale, symbolizing the meticulous evaluation and management of estate assets with the assistance of expert probate services.

Benefits of Hiring Legal Probate Services in Singapore

Engaging a probate lawyer specializing in estate law ensures a swift and streamlined process. Their expertise in legal procedures makes it one of the best decisions for ensuring a hassle-free experience, leading to reduced stress for family members. 

Dive deeper into the benefits of securing top-notch legal services for everyone when hiring a dependable probate lawyer in Singapore.

Speedy and efficient process

Hiring a probate attorney can simplify the probate process, resulting in a faster resolution. With their expertise in handling legal procedures and paperwork, they can navigate through the complexities of the probate system with ease.

By working with a professional lawyer, individuals have a higher chance of getting things right the first time, reducing any delays or complications that may arise. Additionally, a skilled probate lawyer who is experienced in handling probate cases can ensure a smooth and quick process, allowing for an efficient distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

This not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with prolonged legal proceedings. Getting a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration can be made easy by hiring a probate lawyer, minimizing stress and hassle for all parties involved.

Expertise and knowledge of legal procedures

Probate lawyers have the expertise and knowledge of legal procedures that are essential for handling the probate process. They understand the intricacies of Singapore’s probate and estate administration laws, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed correctly.

With their experience, they can guide you through the paperwork and applications required to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letter of Representation from the court. During this difficult time, a professional probate lawyer can ensure efficient and effective processing of your loved one’s estate, providing peace of mind.

Less stress and burden for family members

Hiring a probate lawyer can bring relief to family members during the difficult time of handling an estate. By entrusting the legal procedures and paperwork to a professional, family members can focus on grieving and supporting each other instead of getting overwhelmed by complex processes.

The probate lawyer will take care of distributing assets impartially, reducing the risk of conflicts and tension among beneficiaries. With their expertise, they can provide guidance and support throughout the entire probate process, alleviating stress for all involved parties.

Gavel, scales of justice, and law books on a table, representing tools for addressing questions on probate, wills, and estates.

FAQs About Probate, Wills, and Estates

When considering estate planning in Singapore, many wonder about the cost of hiring a probate lawyer. A lawyer can assist in navigating the intricacies of the legal system, ensuring that all procedures are correctly followed. 

Legal services are available to everyone, catering to different budgets, with prices varying based on case complexity and firm reputation.

Cost of hiring a probate lawyer

Hiring a probate lawyer in Singapore can come with varying costs. The application for a Grant of Probate, which is needed to distribute assets, can range from $1,200 to $1,500. Some law firms offer fixed fee packages starting from around $990.

If you need legal advice on writing a will or estate matters, the cost can be between SGD 200 and SGD 450. Law firms in Singapore are there to assist with drafting wills and providing guidance on estate issues.

Difference between a wills lawyer and a probate lawyer

A wills lawyer helps with planning how to distribute belongings after someone dies. They help create legal documents called wills, which outline a person’s wishes. On the other hand, a probate lawyer deals with legal matters after someone dies.

They assist the executor in distributing assets and settling debts. Both types of lawyers specialize in issues related to wills, estates, and probate.

It’s important to understand these differences when seeking legal assistance for estate planning or handling affairs after someone passes away.

Other services offered by wills lawyers

Wills lawyers offer a range of other services to help with estate planning. They can assist in creating trusts, which are legal arrangements to manage assets for beneficiaries. Wills lawyers also provide advice on the differences between wills and trusts and how they can be used to protect loved ones.

Additionally, they can help with tax planning, avoiding fines and additional fees, and ensuring that the estate goes to the rightful beneficiaries. Many reputable law firms provide reasonable and cost-effective options for those seeking to draft their will or seek Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) services. These firms offer services to ensure that your legal needs are fulfilled accurately and efficiently, all at a starting price of $690. 

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy and affordable legal solution, you can trust these firms to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

How to choose the best lawyer for your case

Estate planning is a complex and sensitive matter that requires the expertise of qualified professionals. The choice of lawyers in Singapore can make a significant impact on the outcome of estate planning. It is essential to select lawyers who possess a deep understanding of the Singapore legal system and have been known in championing the estate planning. 

With the right lawyers by your side, you can ensure that your assets are protected, and your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer around. Their expertise in wills, estates, and probate law is essential for a seamless experience. It’s advisable to consider their track record and clients’ reviews to gauge their reliability and proficiency.

Engaging with a specialized estate lawyer ensures that the planning and execution processes are both effective and efficient.


In conclusion, when dealing with legal issues surrounding wills and estates, seeking guidance from the best probate lawyers in Singapore is essential for ensuring a smooth financial planning process and that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Factors such as experience, track record, legal fees, and specialized knowledge should be considered when making your selection.

Having trustworthy legal assistance, particularly from top-tier professionals like Bhavini Shah or Cherie Tan, allows you to navigate complex legal procedures with confidence and ease. Always prioritize obtaining professional advice for an efficient process and to provide comfort and clarity to your family members during challenging times.

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