The 3-Phase Growth System to Breakthrough Success in Stock Trading Mastery in 2024 within Record Time!

In this training I take you through the actual steps, structure and ingredients required so that you can hit your trading goals fast and maintain ironclad consistency.


What I'll Show You In This Free LIVE Workshop

Best Stocks to Buy And Sell

I will reveal to you which are the exact stocks that gives you the highest potential returns

When Exactly to Buy and Sell

A simple strategy to know when to exactly buy or sell a stock with remorseless precision

How Much to Buy and Sell 

A little-known secret for position sizing that keeps your losses small while maximising your gains tremendously

Get Profitable Trades Just Like These Handed To You On A Silver Platter...

Who is Collin Seow? 

Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) who holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification.

He has been awarded the Top 10 Achievers in PhillipCFD for many consecutive years and he is also a reputable trainer with a decade long standing-record. 

Collin is the proud inventor of a stock trading algorithm/software known as “TradersGPS”. Given his vast experience in trading, he is often sought after to speak at numerous prestigious conference such as Shares Investment Conference, Shareinvestor Carnival, Phillip IFest, Investor Wealth Summit and the MetaStock Conference. 

Recently, he has authored his own book titled “The Systematic Trader”, that details his journey and methods on turning a $250,000 debt into profits through stock trading.

How Rookies with Little to No Experience Mastered Trading (with the help of technology) to Make Money Profitably and Safely

"Collin, your calls to get into some of the counters at your recommendation have been spot on!"

"My highest record for returns is around 60%.
It has given me a lot of confidence."

"The returns from my investing and trading was able to match 20% of my usual salary for a sustained period of time."

"Safety is like a really big thing for me.
I get such good results, and I feel so comfortable in SMT."

"The trading experience..I can sleep well,
different from last time!"

"Hear what Singapore Celebrity Emcee 'Joe Augustin"
has to say about Collin

"I’ve known Collin through a mutual friend at church for a couple of years now. We’ve worked on numerous projects in the financial and investor education industry in Singapore.  

He has always been genuine and generous with his ideas. His humility has made him a great and trustable person."

Chris Isaiah 

Executive Director, Pioneers & Leaders Pte Ltd

"Collin is very knowledgeable and experienced in stocks and shares.

I recommend Collin if you are planning to grow your portfolio and want someone to advise you.

Moonshi Mohsenruddin

CEO, Commgate (S) Pte Ltd  

Spirit of Enterprise 2011, Midas Touch Awards 2013

"His enthusiasm to empower investors without any overt bias is refreshing and very helpful.

I believe Collin’s enthusiasm on investor empowerment puts him in good stead to serve anyone who works with him.

Simeon Ang

Equity Analyst, Maybank Kim Eng

“Definitely an honest and earnest guy! :)" Jessica Seet, Assistant Director (Class 95FM) Former Broadcaster (Gold 90.5FM), Art of Voice Company Pte Ltd

Jessica Seet

Assistant Director (Class 95FM), Former Broadcaster (Gold 90.5FM) 

 Art of Voice Company Pte Ltd

Collin Seow is probably the best trading guy I know in town, not just for his knowledge in the equity markets, but also for his heart for his clients!

I will only work with a person with a good heart, and Collin is definitely one!

Tea Eng Peng

ChFC Financial Advisory Director, Tea Eng Peng & Associates

"I had attended some previews but never find one like Collin who is very approachable and helpful. 

He is very unassuming and would help you with your queries unlike others who are very aloof..Thumbs up!"

Koo Tuck Seng

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What time does the registration start? 

Registration starts 1/2 hour before the actual event starts so do arrive early so that you don't miss anything.  

Q: Can I bring a friend?

Yes sure but do let us know in advance or help them to register to make sure we have the seat allocated for them. Just share the link to get them registered for the workshop together with you.

Q: I have never traded before and am completely new. Will this work for me?

Absolutely yes. Our specialty is in bringing beginners to become profitable traders in record time. In fact, it is usually better that you have an open mind and clean slate (no experience), so that we can program you with the right principles from the start.

Q: I have traded before. How will this workshop benefit me?

This workshop will reveal what you should do exactly to bring your trading to the next level, and the principles that are a MUST know in order to succeed and build your trading account consistently. However, it is imperative you keep an open mind when you come.

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